Website Design & Marketing FAQs

How long does it take to get my website up and running?

Typically, we can have a new website ready to launch within 60 days from the point the client approves their website proposal; the detailed document that shows how the website will look and function.

How much will my website cost?

The cost of a website varies depending on the needs of the business and it would be unprofessional for us to offer an instant quote without talking to you first. Imagine telling a realtor that you want to buy a house and they offer a price without asking about where you want to live, the number of rooms and bathrooms you want, whether you want a garage, pool, basement or other features. Even if you don’t hire Your Groove Media, be very wary of any company that can offer you an immediate estimate without talking to you about your needs first.

Because we offer affordable monthly subscription plans versus high up-front costs, most of our clients pay between $99-$199 per month.

How does the subscription process work?

Clients put down a small down payment and then sign up for the monthly subscription plan that works best for them; billed quarterly. We take care of all the rest.

I’m really busy, do I have to manage my own website?

No, and that’s part of the beauty of our subscription plan. When Your Groove Media builds your website, we also manage every detail as part of your subscription price, letting you do what you do best; run your business.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Your Groove Media does not require you to sign a contract. Although we would hate to lose you, we understand that sometimes things change. Give us a 30-day written notice and there are no penalties for cancelling.

What happens to my website if I cancel?

If you cancel, we simply take your website offline. No penalties. In the future, if you decide to activate your website again, give us a call. We can have it back online in a matter of hours.

Who will be my point person on the project?

While you might first engage Your Groove Media through one of our fantastic salespeople, your primary point person throughout your relationship with Your Groove Media will be the company’s founder, Paul Keeler.

If I would rather pay for my website in full, do I need to use a subscription model?

No. Most of our clients find the subscription model to be the best fit for them but that doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for you. If you want to take the reins and manage your website, we provide free training and up to 6-hours of free technical support for the first year in case you run into any issues.

I don’t have an internal marketing team. Can you help me promote by website?

Absolutely! Your Groove Media offers a variety of marketing services that will help drive traffic to your website, encourage more visits to your physical location and increase your revenue!