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5 Tips For A Strong Facebook Business Page


Whether you use your Business' Facebook page as a supplement to its website or as its website, it's important that your information is complete and accurate.  In the United States, an estimated 170 million people use Facebook on a regular basis and around the world, that number skyrockets to over 2.3 billion.  For businesses, Facebook is a force to be reckoned with and your business page should be ready to provide you with as much opportunity as possible.   Here are 5 tips to make sure your page is built right and ready to perform.

 1.  Have a plan / Know your audience

If you want to see real results, Facebook is more than just a 'post and see' endeavor.  It takes time, effort and money to get your page moving in the direction you want it to go.  The key to doing this efficiently is knowing what direction that is.  

Deciding how you want your page to work for you allows you to focus on the audience you're trying to reach, the core purpose for targeting that audience and the content that will grab their attention.  For example, a restaurant may use their page to promote their new lunch menu to encourage mid-day visits.  A concert hall may use theirs as a source of information about upcoming shows.  A boutique may share photos of a new line of clothing that can be purchased 'early' through the store's website.  Each of these businesses has a different goal (encourage in-restaurant visits, provide concert information, drive sales via website) and will need a different digital strategy plan to get them there.  

The most important part of putting together a great Facebook marketing plan (or any marketing plan) is to know your audience.  After all, when deciding on the goals to set for your page, what you're really doing is deciding how you want your followers and page visitors to react to the information you're presenting.  The better you can present it in a way that appeals to them, the more likely they are to react in a way that appeals to you.  

Fortunately, Facebook offers a variety of reports and information that make researching your page users really easy (see item #2).  These are valuable tools and can help tremendously in deciding what content will give your page users the most value.  ​

​2.  Pick the Right Type of Page

When you sign-up to create a Facebook business account, you have to make a couple of decisions in the process.  One of those decisions is whether you should designate your page as a business page or a personal page.  Many well-meaning business owners have created a Facebook page as a personal page instead of a business page knowing that the personal page is less restrictive and allows posts to be seen by more people.   Logically, this makes sense but there are two reasons why we recommend against this practice. The first is that Facebook could delete your account, forcing you to start over.  The hours lost simply building and maintaining the page don't make it worth the risk and statistically, you won't get back all of the followers you lost.  The second, and I mentioned this in the 'have a plan' section above, the user information that Facebook offers its business page owners is pretty phenomenal and a wonderful resource to have.   This information allows you to adjust posts and ad campaigns accordingly and in the long-run, saving/making you more money than running a personal page for your business. 

​3.  Quality Profile Picture

​Your profile picture represents your brand and should be of your logo or a symbol of your company that people will immediately recognize as yours.  It's important that the picture be clean, easy to view and sized to fit perfectly in the profile picture window.  Currently, the most optimal size for a Facebook profile picture is 360x360 pixels. 

The Patagonia profile picture (a) is their company logo.  It's clean, easy to identify and fits the profile picture window perfectly.  

The Cocina Tarascas Restaurant (b) does not fit the profile pic window, lacks value and does not attract clicks.  

The third graphic (c) is how the Cocina Tarascas Restaurant appears when doing a search for restaurants in the area.  The picture would do much better for the restaurant if it showed the #1 Margarita in Chicago or mentioned their Ultimate Taco Bar.  Instead, it makes me wonder if their food is as hastily put together too.  

​(a)  Patagonia uses their company log as their profile pic.  It's clean, easy to recognize and fits the profile picture window perfectly!

​(b) Cocina Tarascas Restaurant has the #1 Margarita in Chicago and the Ultimate Taco Bar!  Their profile picture should proudly display this information or something else appealing to visitors.  

​(c)  When searching for restaurants, this is how the Cocina Tarascas Restaurant listing gets displayed.  There is nothing about this profile picture that makes you want to choose this restaurant.

4.  Informational Cover Photo

​Your Cover Photo is a pretty valuable piece of real estate when it comes to Facebook pages.  Once the user selects to view your page, for the most part, the cover photo is the first thing they see. It's your first chance to invite people to do business with you. In the example above, I used Cocina Tarascas Restaurant to illustrate how not to set-up a profile picture.  Now, I'll use the same restaurant as an example of how to do a cover photo perfectly!   

In the photo, you can see the inside of the restaurant and that it looks clean and appealing.  To the left, you find their address and phone number.  There's a big Margarita right in the center of the photo and it's the #1 Margarita in Chicago!  This is in addition to the restaurant's Ultimate Taco Bar which is also listed.  It's really everything you need to convince a Margarita and/or Taco fan to stop what they're doing and come down for a visit. 

5. Complete 'About' Section

There are quite a few pieces of information within the About section and each offers something of importance.  Make sure your About page is completely filled out to give people the easiest opportunity to find the information they're looking for.  Facebook has broken this down into 6 sections; General, Contact, WIFI, Location, Hours and More. 

General - 

Business Description and Business Category - In the business description section, be short & sweet about exactly what your business does.  Use the categories that best describe what your business does. 

Contact - 

Phone number, website address and email address - Pretty basic information that is easy to overlook.   


Gives you the opportunity to show whether or not your business offers WIFI to guests.  

Location - 

Address,map, an option to display if your business is housed inside another, best parking and available public transit to your business - Again, pretty basic information but creating a Facebook page can be a bit overwhelming and important information like this can be missed.  It's never too late to take a look and add any additional information. 

Hours - 

Let people know when you're open! 

More - 

This section has fields for specific products you offer, price range, a company overview, awards and other additional information that may be useful to add if available.  

I hope this post has helped make your Facebook page stronger and more efficient.  It would be great to hear from you.  Please feel free to leave a comment or any additional tips you'd like to share.    

I've got to get outside.  Have a wonderful day! 


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